Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Travels: Top 5 International Dream Vacation

Ok, in getting ready for this post today and thinking about what NYC activity I was going to highlight I realized that Jon and I haven't had an NYC experience in a couple of weeks. So I had to come up with a different topic for Tuesday Travels! Easy, peasy! I'm going to share with you my current Top 5 International Dream Vacations, in no particular order.

The Scandanavian nations - These 3 countries have always held some intrigue for me because you never hear people talk about them they way they talk about other European countries. Last year, I was watching Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (I love that show!) and she went to Norway or maybe it was Sweden. Either way it was beautiful! And it made me realize that Sweden, Finland and Norway are places that I would definitely love to visit. The above picture is from the city of Bergen, Norway - isn't it charming?

New Zealand - My sister and her fiance first turned me onto to New Zealand. I did some research and realized this country would definitely be in my top 5. There are only 4 million people living there making it one of the less crowded countries in the world. It's less crowded than a lot of cities in the world - take Manhattan for instance. What can you do there? Everything - hiking, kayaking, swimming, gambling, wine tours, hot air balloon rides, it's the perfect place to go and rejuvenate (or so says their tourism website). I'll get there some day....

Macchu Pichu - Hiking Macchu Pichu is a dream of mine. Well, really just getting to South America would be pretty darn cool! The landscape, the history, everything about Macchu Pichu is enticing. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make the trek. And maybe while I'm down there I'll hit up Patagonia as well, another beautiful destination in South America...it didn't make my Top 5 but it was close.

Greece Glorious Greece! - I've wanted to go here forever. Jon and I debated Greece for our honeymoon but we decided on Fiji instead. I'm hoping that we'll soon take an Anniversary trip here! Aside from the history and the Parthenon, there are the islands with their white buildings and blue tops. I can't wait to take a boat out and go island hopping, spend nights wandering the streets of Santorini taking in the perfect sunset, eating breakfast on a patio overlooking the vast blue sea...I have a feeling that if I ever get there it's going to be hard to convince me to come back.

Lastly, Costa Rica because it's a great combination of beaches, and rainforests, laying around and doing nothing, and experiencing class 5 rapids among other adventures. Hey and it's closest to where I live and probably the most affordable and realistic trip for me to take in the next 5 years or so!

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