Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Travels: Top 5 Domestic Dream Vacations

Last week I blogged about my Top 5 International Dream Vacations so this week I'm going to write about my Top 5 Domestic Dream Vacations (again in no particular order). I love to travel and it doesn't matter if it is abroad or in my own country, exploring new places, meeting new people, discovering new running routes, that's my main objective!

First up is Texas, I know it may seem pretty random but I have had a desire to visit Texas for a VERY LONG TIME and I have yet to get there. I don't know what it is that entices me but I have got to get to Texas sooner rather than later. Whether it's exploring great music in Austin, running where Kristin Armstrong runs in the hills of Austin, visiting the Alamo (even though I've been told by all that it is over rated), seeing the river walk in San Antonio, going to a high school football game, going to the rodeo, vacationing along the Gulf of Mexico or eating delicious barbque, I just want to experience Texas in all of it's glory.

Ah, Yellowstone National Park. I love doing outdoorsy things: hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, swimming, and just being in awe of Mother Nature. Where better to experience that then Yellowstone National Park, the grand daddy of all National Parks. My parents recently took a trip there and my cousin visits Yellowstone frequently. I just want to see the Buffalo blocking the middle of the road, visit Ole Faithful with all the other tourists, and walk the trails. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the day that we get to go here...although I will say I'm not much for camping...I'll do it, but it's probably the outdoorsy activity I like the least!

Wow, I'm really sharing myself with you guys. Mount Rushmore is one of my OBSESSIONS. It's bizarre and pretty random, I know, but I am obsessed with Mount Rushmore and my need to visit it. It is a running joke in our household. Maybe it's because of the President's, or maybe because it is just so random and cool - faces of our Presidents carved into a rock in North (or is it South) Dakota. I mean look at it - you know you want to see it too!

I don't know how I'm going to get to Mount Rushmore, as I do not believe there is much to see out where it is except Mount Rushmore. I may have to combine it with my trip to Yellowstone even though I'm not sure they're near each other....hmmm...this one is going to take some pondering. But when I get there, ahh, I'll feel I've truly accomplished one of my life goals.

Hawaii!!!! Who doesn't want to go here??? Not only do I want to visit the beautiful beaches, go snorkeling and enjoy the blue blue water, but I also really want to visit Pearl Harbor (a time period in history that facinates me to no end), take the Road to Hana, walk near a volcano, visit the pineapple farms and eat fresh pineapple, among numerous other things.

It might have been the episode of Saved by the Bell or Full House that introduced me to Hawaii (you know which episodes I'm talking about!) Either way it's beautiful, it's not part of the continental US, and it's a MUST visit!

Last but not least, The Grand Canyon. I already have my trip to The Grand Canyon planned out although it requires the attendance of our unborn children. We're going to spend a week rafting down the Colorado River and then spend some more time hiking and exploring all the nooks and crannies and swimming holes that The Grand Canyon holds.

You have to be 12 to raft on the Colorado River and you have to book the trip 3 years in advance. Seeing as we do not have children yet, and I'm not pregnant, I guess this trip won't be happening for awhile. Although I've already started saving for it because it's going to cost a pretty penny. It'll be worth it though when I'm standing at the rim with Jon and our 4 kids looking across the Canyon saying to myself, "We finally made it here!"

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SundreamNYC said...

I have been to Austin, although not as an adult, so I'm dying to go back, mostly for the music scene and the fact that Becca lives there! The Alamo is definitely overrated, but the riverwalk is cool. My parents went to Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota I believe) and did a bunch of hikes through the badlands, so maybe that's how you can extend your trip a bit? I'm sure they could give you more tips when you decide to go! The Grand Canyon is just freaking amazing! We didn't raft (although I really wanted to!) But we did ride mules down a bit into the canyon, which led to some hilarious outtakes including the fact that my sister's mule was named skidmark! Love the new blog format! Hopefully I will get mine up and running this weekend. I'll let you know!