Saturday, August 4, 2007

I, Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis (****)

Since my DH and I are heading to Italy at the end of this year, aside from trying to teach myself Italian I am also trying to read as many books that take place in Italy, specifically Rome, Florence and Venice. I, Mona Lisa had been on my shelf for 6 months and I decided now would be the perfect time to read it.

I, Mona Lisa takes place in Florence during the late 15th Century. Giuliano de' Medici has just been brutally murdered and the effect of his death is felt throughout Florence. 10 years later Florence is under a dark cloud, more specifically the preaching of a monk Savonarola, preaching against the Medici's and their opulence. The reader is introduced to Madonna Lisa, through her eyes we experience Florence as it crumbles under Savonarola's preaching. Madonna Lisa finds herself caught up in a deceitful web of lies, plotting, and revenge. As she tries to find out the truth about herself and the truth about who is trying to overtake Florence the mystery begins....and she must hope that she can figure it all out before it takes her life!

This was a fun & fast read. I really enjoy historical fiction and I love everything about Italy so it was a good fit for me! I'm looking forward to reading other books that take place in this time period because I'd love to learn more about the Medici's. Overall: 4 stars!

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