Monday, August 6, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (5 Stars) - The Ultimate Experience

While this is ultimately going to be a movie review I also want to take a minute to comment on just the whole experience of going to see The Bourne Ultimatum on opening night in New York City.

My DH and I love the Bourne movies so we were really excited when The Bourne Ultimatum came out this weekend. We decided we wanted to see it opening night, which is something we rarely do. Friday morning I went on Fandango to purchase our tickets and by 9:30 AM the 8:30PM show that we wanted to see was already sold out! We decided to see the earlier show at 7PM. I purchased our tickets, printed out my confirmation page and went about the rest of my relaxing half-day Friday.

We met at the Kipps Bay movie theater at 6:15 - a full 45-minutes prior to our movie time thinking this would be plenty of time to ensure we would get seats next to each other. We wait in line to have our tickets taken and when we rounded the corner to go to the theater there was a line of about 150-200 people already there. WHAT!!!!! I couldn't believe it. We weren't the only ones feeling a little nervous about getting seats together. Then an employee at the theater walked by and said to a couple a few people ahead of us - "Don't worry, the theater seats 600 people." WHAT!!!! The theater seats 600 people - that seemed insane to me - I've never even seen a theater that large. The doors open and we move forward. We got great seats middle of the row about halfway up. As we're sitting there waiting for the movie to start I look around at this redonkulously large theater and I comment to my DH, "I think this is larger than the theater we saw Avenue Q in." (I checked later and it's actually 205 seats smaller.) The show was sold out and sure enough by the time the previews started every seat in the place was taken.

How was the movie you say? Fantastic! A fun end to a great trilogy. My DH thinks it was the best one. I'd say they're all equally great (5 stars across the board).
You know it's good when the whole theater claps out loud at the end of a fight scene. It's definitely worth seeing if you enjoyed the first two.

The one thing I'll give New Yorkers is that they definitely now how to move in a large crowd. When I moved here I was very crowd averse but after 6 months here, I've learned to calm down when I find myself jammed in the middle of a large crowd because unlike in a lot of other places everyone moves slowly and calmly and waits their turn until they get to where they're going.

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