Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cape Cod

I have returned! Last week I was on Cape Cod (CC) for the week with my DH, MIL, BIL and future SIL! We rented a house in Brewster - a part of CC near and dear to my DH's family as they spent many a summer vacation there.

It was soooo nice to be back in New England surrounded by all those great New Englanders wearing their Boston and Red Sox gear waiting on the long Dunkie lines! There is just a totally different feel to New England then there is to the tri-state area.

When we were leaving to drive up to Boston we literally felt like we were leaving a foreign country and as we drove up the Merritt Parkway it felt like a lush forest it was totally surreal.

We had a really nice week: cheered on the Falmouth Road Race, went to the beach, caught a Cape Cod Baseball League Game, went for a 16 mile bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT), spent a day in Provicetown and went whale watching and played mini-golf. All the things you would expect of a CC vacation!

Next we're looking forward to our big vacation this winter: 10 days in Italy! It will have been a year and a half since DH and I have been on a vacation just the 2 of us and it will have been almost 3 years since we have been to Europe so we are really looking forward to this trip!


Anonymous said...

Hey, we were down the Cape too! We stayed in Hyannis right near the ferry to MV. What a nice weather week! This week has been cloudy and cool so we picked a good week.

Deb's convinced me to run the 1/2 marathon in Portsmouth on Nov. 11 so I'm officially "in" training!



P. S. Heard from Ashley B. the other day. She and Steve are moving to CA mid-September!

Michelle said...

Two things I really miss are New England baseball and D&D :-( Glad you enjoyed your trip and Italy sounds AMAZING!!!