Friday, July 27, 2007


I LOVE Country music! Now it's out there for you all to know. How living in Boston did I get into country music you might ask? One day about 2-3 years ago I heard this song, Baby Girl, on the radio and I loved it. The only station I could find it on was the Country Music Radio Station (102.5 in Boston!) As I started listening to the station in order to hear this one particular song I realized that I actually liked most of the stuff I was listening to. I started paying attention, learning the names of the big acts, etc and before I knew it I was hooked. Then when I went out to Oklahoma City to visit my buddy Amy we went to a Rascal Flatts concert and from that point on there was no turning back.

Who was that song Baby Girl by - Sugarland! There CD Twice the Speed of Life was the first Country CD that I ever purchased (but certainly not the last). Just recently they released their sophomore album, Enjoy the Ride, and I have to say I think it's better than their first album.

How excited was I, when at the beginning of the summer, my sister emailed me and said that Sugarland was playing on Good Morning America (GMA), Friday, July 27th! Very excited!!! I asked my sister if she would go with me since I don't know anyone in the NYC area who likes country music and she said she would. So last night she crashed at our place. We got up at 6AM this morning because on the GMA website it says to be there by 6AM to get a good spot in line. My sister assured me this wasn't necessary so we aimed to get there by 7AM knowing that they perform between 8-9.

We got there at 7:15AM and got a place pretty close to the stage. My sister was laughing that I thought we were going to be all the way at the back of the park. Hey, I've never been to one of these morning concerts how was I supposed to know! And then you wait...and wait some more...and really you wait until 8:40-8:45AM before they play. You watch the sound check, you cheer for a couple of live audience shots of the park (which after the 2nd time and the novelty wearing off feels like work - didn't we come here to see a concert?) and you are entertained by a warm up comedian, who was actually pretty funny. Then at 8:45 Sugarland came on and...

It was AWESOME! Well worth the wait! They performed 3 songs: Something More from their debut album, and Settlin' and Everyday America from their sophomore album. Everyday America is my favorite Sugarland song and possibly one of my overall favorite songs right now. The lyrics from Everyday America provided the title for this blog:

Oooh, whoa, everybody's dreaming big

Oooh, whoa, but everybody's just getting by
That's how it goes in everyday America
A little town and a great big light

Jennifer Nettles voice is unreal, and live is no exception. As a duo they have great chemistry together and you can tell that they must be good friends. I can't wait to see them in concert where they perform all their songs!

So now I can check seeing a free concert in NYC off my list of things to do and see while we're in NYC. (*That list will be posted soon!) What an fun & energizing way to start your day!


Kate said...

Soooooo I have to admit they were pretty good. I'll even have to get their album. And her voice was AMAZING. You won this one, but just on this band, not the whole country genre.

But you forgot to mention the best part of the night! Watching the office!!! Cause that was hysterical, you'll have to thank your dh for me!

meghan said...

i dunnno, stil kind of anti-country... but i will see if i can download one or two songs and give them a try.

i am enjoying the movie recs, i will try to post a few suggestions on my blog as a blatant copy of you. :)