Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York List

My friend, Michelle, recently moved to San Diego from Boston and started a blog to keep in touch with friends and keep everyone abreast of her SD adventures. In her first post she listed all the things she wanted to do and see while she was in San Diego. I really liked this idea (and have already informed her that I am going to steal it for my own blog!) I think it helps you live like a tourist in your home and encourages you to get out there and explore your city! I mean imagine my surprise when I found out that my DH, after 28 years living in MA, had never done a Freedom Trail tour! Well, we're going to make sure that we have NYC Experiences and continue to explore our city regardless of how long we live here. And most likely on one of our trips up to Beantown we're going to do a Freedome Trail tour.

So here is my list of things I/we want to do and see in NYC. Please feel free in the comments to suggest ideas! I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as time goes on.

1) Go to the top of the Empire State Building
2) Visit Museums (Guggenheim, Moma, Tenement Museum, Skyscraper Museum, etc) We've already gone to the MET and the Museum of Natural History so that's a start!
3) See Broadway Shows (Again we've already started working on this having seen Avenue Q and The Drowsy Chaperone).
4) Explore Central Park (run in CP, rent a row boat in CP, take a walking tour of CP, go ice skating in CP, etc)
5) Visit the Botanical Gardens
6) See the Radio City Music Christmas Show!
7) Watch the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade get blown up!
8) Hike in the Adirondacks
9) Give my DH the true Jersey Shore experience
10) Take the Circle Line tour
11) Bike around the Island of Manhattan
12) Try to see the David Letterman Show
13) Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
14) Take the Staten Island Ferry
15) Explore all the different neighborhoods of NYC (Brooklyn, Battery Park, UWS, UES, LES, Little Italy, Soho, the Village, Midtown, Hell's Kitchen, etc)
16) Become more involved in Red Sox nation in NYC
17) Take one of those Red Bus Tours through NYC
18) Go to Medieval Times
19) Go to the Bronx Zoo
20) Visit the Cloisters (that's for you Mom!)
21) Go to a Little Italy festival
22) Spend some time exploring and appreciating Grand Central Station
23) Visit the Intrepid
24) Carnegie Hall & Deli
25) Top of the Rock Observation Deck
26) Dare I say, New York City for New Year's Eve....we'll see!
27) Eat at Peter Luger's

Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments on things that are a must see or do that we're missing!


meghan said...

you have to do the whole Christmas in the city thing along with the Rockefeller show- see the tree get lit, ice skate, do the Saks window thing.

and I volunteer to assist with any Jersey shore adventures, though my version involves Long Beach Island... maybe Atlantic City.

I should put you in touch with my aunt debbie, who is in manhattan. maybe next time I am back in NJ for a while I will come out for a day with you and introduce you to my aunt.

Kate said...

I prefer skating in Bryant Park, it didn't seem to be AS crowded, and you totally have to go to the Bryant Park and Union Square Park Christmas Festivals, where they sell Christmas present goodies. And you have to eat a gyro at a street fair. And go to the Washington Square Park Arts Festival in the fall. You could also try the Halloween Parade in the West Village.