Thursday, July 26, 2007

Catch and Release (4 Stars)

Sunday evening my sister and I had one of our sister-sleepovers! We've been doing this a lot lately. Up until recently Kate wasn't sure where she was going to be for law school - NYC or Chicago. So we decided that if she was not going to be in NYC come August we wanted to make sure that we made the most of our 6 months living in the same city (and really Kate just likes having a short commute to her summer job one morning a week!) We usually get together and cook up some dinner, treat ourselves to Tasti D-light (yum!) and watch a movie together. Our nights also included a run, until I found out I had a stress fracture in my right leg and was sidelined for 6 weeks.

This past Sunday we watched Catch & Release, which I had been waiting to watch specifically with my sister because we are both HUGE Jennifer Garner fans!!!! Having watched all 5 seasons of Alias - how could you not be a Jennifer Garner fan? I'm getting off topic...Catch & Release begins with the death of Gray's (Jennifer Garner) fiance. As Gray is struggling to get over his sudden death and rebuilding her life, secrets emerge about him that tarnish his perfect image. Gray finds comfort in her fiance's 3 close friends and finds herself falling in love at a time she never expected she could.

My sister and I really enjoyed this movie. It is definitely a chick flick. However, it's not one of those movies I would run out and tell people they should see (unless you're a big Jennifer Garner fan).

As for where Kate is going to law school??? She'll be in NYC!!!! Woot!

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Kate said...

Hey now! I like more than just the short commute!! I love waking up on the floor for instance :) hehe.