Monday, July 23, 2007


So as I said my MIL was visiting this weekend from Boston. So my DH and I had planned a very fun NYC day on Saturday. We re-visited the Farmer's Market at Union Square, which may become a weekly ritual, it's just so peaceful and fun to walk around all the stands and support local farmers, vineyards, artists, etc.

Then in the afternoon we went to the John Golden Theatre to see the Matinee performance of Avenue Q. I had purchased discounted tickets at the TKTS booth down by South Street Seaport on Friday afternoon. We had great seats, row K in the Orchestra - I couldn't believe it!

As for the show, it was awesome! We all loved it. The puppets were great (especially the Bad Idea Bears!), the songs were hilarious and original, and the performers were fantastic. It was hard to believe that for many of them Avenue Q was their Broadway debut because they really all were phenomenal. For those of you who don't know, Avenue Q, is the story of Princeton, a recent college grad who has moved to New York and the only place he can afford to live is on Avenue Q. There he meets his friends: Brian, Christmas Eve, Trekkie Monster, Rod, Nicky, and Kate. Throughout the play they struggle with finding jobs, dates, and their "purpose" in life.

I think it's safe to say we all would highly recommend this play to those who haven't seen it! (*This play is not appropriate for children.)

After relaxing back at home for a little bit we headed out to try a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Dos Caminos. I was pretty excited about trying this restaurant because we had heard so much about it from people. I tried the blueberry pomegranate frozen margarita, which was delish. While my MIL had a traditional margarita on the rocks and my DH had a Mexican beer. We quickly ordered chips with guacamole (which they make at your table - a very NYC thing to do!) as an appetizer. The guacamole was incredibly fresh and yummy! Then for dinner my MIL had the enchiladas, my DH had the Pork special, and I had the Shrimp quesadillas which were so good! Overall everyone enjoyed their meal!

On a side note, I thought the best part about our meal experience was the service. From start to finish the service was impeccable. As the customers at restaurants become more and more casual I feel that a lot of restaurants are becoming more and more casual in their service and that was not the case at Dos Caminos. And to top it off the decor and atmosphere were pretty cool. This is a restaurant my DH and I agreed we would go back to.

All in all - a fun day in NYC!

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