Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pat McGee Band...Again!

Can you tell they're one of my favorite things!!! Jon and I headed up to Boston this weekend to see the Pat McGee Band play at the Paradise on Commonwealth Avenue. The Paradise is definitely one of our favorite venues of all time - we've seen some great concerts there over the years. The energy is always amazing and it's so small you just feel like you're part of the show.

We met up with Jon's brother and his fiance and friend at T's Pub for a drink beforehand and ran into a few Holy Cross friends. Pat McGee Band concerts are usually also HC reunions - don't ask me why. We headed over in time to catch Josh Kelly's show, as he was on before PMB. At the Paradise we ran into even more Holy Cross peeps! I once again enjoyed Josh Kelly's show - he's kind of funky & jazzy but has a great energy and a great voice when he's not messing around. He has this really funny song Scrumptious which is such fun live!!!

PMB came on around 11PM and I'm tell you they rocked the house! They played until 1 in the morning and we were all hoarse and tired from all the energy we exuded dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. It was one of their best concerts in a while and the crowd was sooo into it - and really high energy! You could tell PMB were having fun! I'm so glad we drove up to Boston to see it. I can't wait for them to come play around here again:)

If you want to check them out go to www.patmcgeeband.com. They have 4 of their cd's online that you can listen to. The only cd not on there is the new one, which is currently my favorite!

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