Friday, October 5, 2007

My Favorite Things: Web Boggle

The world wide web has everything for everyone doesn't it!

One thing I discovered in the past 8 months was Web Boggle. Now, I love boggle (I know I'm a big dork!) and we own it (and believe me it was difficult to get - they don't sell boggle in the stores anymore you have to order it online.) Well, one day my friend Emily and I were talking about it and she goggled it and found out that you can play online against people all over the country. It's the greatest thing.

You know sometimes when you're inbetween projects at work and you want to take 5 minutes and browse the web or just do something fun - web boggle! Just create your player name - decide if you want to play 4 across (3 letter words or more) or 5 across (4 letter words or more) and get started. Each game only lasts 2 minutes the perfect amount of time to take a quick break.

Enjoy! Happy boggling:)

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