Monday, October 8, 2007

A Corn Maize...Maze!

Friday night we had the HC gang over and Angelique and Mike invited anybody who was free to join them on Saturday at a corn maze! Well, I was free - so I headed over to their place early Saturday AM to begin the journey.

We were heading to Stony Hill Farm in Chester, New Jersey. It was a pretty uneventful ride there. We pull up and after talking with Angelique's friend who was waiting for us at he maze, we realized we were at the wrong farm. So we got back in the car and drove down the road a little further to the next farm (Stony Hill Garden) - yep, you guessed it wrong farm again! (I didn't even know there were this many farms in NJ.) The nice woman there gave us directions to the correct farm and finally we arrived.

I was so excited - a corn maze! I had never done any kind of maze before. It was pretty neat. We entered and were all excited to get lost and have to find our way out - too bad it took us 3 times to figure out how to get deep enough into the maze so as to not keep passing the enterance:) But on the 3rd try we made it deep enough into the maze. The stalks were probably 10 feet tall and the lanes we were walking down were not nearly as wide as I was expecting them to be - don't ask me why. There were puzzles to solve throughout the maze, and pictures and words to collect (we didn't participate to heavily in this portion of the maze). Finally when we decided it was time to find our way out - we kept walking past this one bridge like 3 times unable to figure out how to get around it to this one particular lane we thought we wanted to be in. Eventually we figured it out (without the help of the maze employees sitting on the bridge, waiting to assist lost guests - thank you very much!) All in all it took us an hour - which we were pretty proud of. We checked out their little market and enjoyed some apple cider donuts (see above - yum!) and then headed back to the city.

While, there I bought some apples and made this delicious apple crisp (see picture above!)Thank you yumsugar. if it would only start feeling like fall temperature wise in this city then we'd be all set. I mean afterall it's October, it's apple season, it's baseball playoff time (yeah Red Sox!) and while I'm not rushing to the winter it felt way too much like summer this past weekend in the city. And I'm ready to enjoy fall maybe a fall foliage cruise this upcoming weekend...TBD!

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