Wednesday, September 12, 2007

we are almost off and running...

The big Reach the Beach Relay weekend has finally arrived! And I am very excited! Jon and I did Reach the Beach (RTB) for the first time last year and had a blast. This year we're back for more.

Tomorrow we head up to Boston with our friend Emily and Armen to get all supplies, gear and teammates together. Then tomorrow night we drive up to Northwestern New Hampshire. Our start time for our 203 mile journey is 10:40 AM. We're in Van #2 this year so the timing of everything will be a little different for us but overall I'm looking forward to another year. Last year it took us just over 29 hours to complete the course hopefully this year we can keep a steady pace again.

To check out what RTB is all about click here! I'm leg 12 so I'm "reaching the beach" as they say and Jon is leg 10. We're in a van with our friends Emily and Armen and Jon's brother Matt and his fiance Karen.

Click here to see our pics from last year's event! Thus I'll be taking a couple day hiatus from blogging but when I get back I'm sure I'll have stories and pictures galore!

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