Monday, September 10, 2007

The US Open at Madison Square Park?

My friend Jen recently returned from her oversea adventures. Six weeks in England and Berlin to be precise. If you want to read about her experiences check out her blog - there is a link on the left side of my page! Given that it had been 7 weeks since I last saw her we decided that Saturday would be our day - and our day it turned out to be when she departed 12 hours after she had arrived!

After a breakfast of McDonagh pancakes (a true treat!) We headed to Madison Square Park to watch the US Open and experience another New York City experience. I know, you all thought the Open was taking place at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens right? Well it is - but American Express - using their marketing brillance set up a mini stadium for New Yorkers who didn't score tickets to the semis and finals taking place this weekend.

They set up a big screen television and bleachers at the top of Madison Park. Plenty of room to market and there were concessions (with beer and wine - see the US Open is civilicized even when you're not actually at the open!) We watched the men's semis (the first game) from the American Express bleachers and spent time catching up before we headed out to run errands and pick up ingredients for a nice healthy dinner that we ate on the common balcony on the 2nd floor of our building.

All in all it was a great day or catching up and spending time outside as well as partaking in a New York City activity. Check out the pictures at top to see what the mini US Open looked like!

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