Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hiking in Cold Spring, New York

Whew, so I am way behind in blogging. Part of that has to do with the fact that I started a new job this week and don't have quite as much time on my hands!

Last Saturday, my DH Jon (who has decided that I can now refer to him by name on this blog - woot!) and I started our day with a 7 mile run around Central Park. It was a great run for both of us and after some time off from running we're both starting to feel like we're getting back in shape.

After our run we met up with my cousin Terence (T) at Grand Central Station to take the train out to Cold Spring, New York. Cold Sping is a small town (population 2,800) on the Hudson. T was the only one who had been here before so Jon and I were pretty excited to be exploring a new place. The train ride is 80 minutes long and if you get a seat by the window you literally look out on the Hudson River the whole trip - it's beautiful.

We arrived in Cold Spring ready for our hiking adventure, which started right away with a 2 mile walk to the trailhead. T had warned us that the beginning part was pretty much straight up, up and up. So Jon and I felt prepared when we arrived at the trailhead. It was pretty awesome! It was definitely, up, up and up and there were some parts reminiscent of rock climbing for sure. There are great resting points along the "hike" that offer spectacular views of the Hudson. It really was beautiful. Right off the area where we were hiking there was Bannerman Island. It has a pretty neat history - click here to read about it.

The first half of our hike was very successful. We were all feeling really good, the views were great, we were making progress, etc. We found a great place to have lunch over looking the river and then decided to continue on until we got to the red trail. Unfortunately, the red trail eluded us so we decided to head back to the yellow trail that was seen as we were working out way to the red trail. We make our way back our energy starting to deflate a little when we happen upon the yellow trail. This picked everyone up a little - "OK, we're on our way back to the road!"

Then all of a sudden the yellow trail started to go back up and away from our destination - the road. It was at this point that T and Jon decided we should go off the trail. Their arguement was we can hear the cars and see the river we should just head in that direction. So I followed along. We all got really excited as we started to follow this huge water pipe which we figured would lead us to the river. However, it lead us to a huge gorge - straight down. Back we go along the water pipe. Then T chooses a point to turn off and cut straight down through the woods. We follow him, hop over a stone wall and wouldn't you know it we find the red trail! Let me tell you I was relived. My energy was starting to run low (running 7 miles before heading out on a hike - probably not the smartest of ideas!) and my ankles were bleeding quite a bit!
For there it was an easy walk back to the road and then another 2 miles back into to town. All in all we were walking/hiking for 6 hours! We headed to the Train Depot for dinner al fresco and much needed/deserved beers! Click here to read about The Depot's ghost story. As we headed home, with seats on the side of the train overlooking the Hudson while the sun was setting, I thought "what a great way to spend a day!"
Hiking is something that Jon and I want to make sure we do a couple more times this fall - however, next time we'll make sure we have a trail map!!!

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