Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recipe Wednesdays: The Cupcake

I am a sugar addict - there - I said it! Every afternoon I get this craving for something sugary whether it's chocolate, candy, a cookie, whatever. Sometimes I give in to my craving and sometimes I just have the snack I packed.

Since moving to NYC I have been eagerly awaiting trying the infamous Magnolia Bakery cupcake. However, the location was not really close to my house, and the long lines that I constantly heard about kept me away.

That was until last December on the way to our Theater Benefit, my co-worker Rachelle and I, spotted Magnolia Bakery midtown (photo above). We were very excited! We decided that for the next birthday or celebration we'd have Magnolia cupcakes.

The first celebratory event was the engagement of our other co-worker. I gladly walked to the corner of 49th and 6th (not too far from our offices) to have my first Magnolia Baker experience. It smells like heaven when you walk inside. There are separate lines depending on what it is you are looking for (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc). See the cute cupcake sign to the left!

Since that day last fall we have had 3 other occassions for celebration and I've decided which cupcake I prefer. The first time I got a cupcake I got chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. It was delicious but it was a little too sugary and that's saying a lot coming from me. The red velvet frosting looking more creamy then sugary so I wasn't really interested in that, but the chocolate cake with choclate frosting intrigued me....

It is so deliciously decadent, it is everything that a cupcake should be! NYC is cupcake central. I've had Crumbs cupcakes (they're alright - I personally do not like their frosting), I've had Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery's cupcakes (those are pretty good), I've had Amy's Bread's cupcakes (those are delish) and now I've had Magnolia's Bakery (I don't think I'll return to a different cupcake store when I can get Magnolia!

So when you come to NYC and you see that line the answer is, Yes, it's worth it, you should wait, they're delicious!

Post in Comments:

Have you had a Magnolia Bakery Cupcake? Did you think they were worth the wait?

If not, what's your favorite cupcake in NYC? And if you're not from NYC, what's your favorite cupcake place from where you're from?


Hanna said...

Hey Chica!
I just read this entry about cupcakes and had to post =). Have you ever gone to Buttercup Bakery? Steve and I went there 2x because we got scared by the mythical long lines at Magnolia. I like them a lot. They have some really interesting flavors (Lady Baltimore and Devil Dog). I am a HUGE fan of Red Velvet but Steve says the other cupcakes are good too. Hope you're well and had fun in PR!

readerbean said...

ooohhh...I have not visited Buttercup Bakery...but I will definitely add it to my list:)