Friday, April 24, 2009

Catch-All Fridays: Bar Review, Donnybrook

Friends of mine in Boston started ABC Club last year. The premise is that every other Thursday a group of people get together at a bar and over the course of the year you work your way through bars A-Z!

Recently, Shion, Jenn and myself started the NYC Chapter of ABC Club. So I've decided that every other Friday (or every Friday until I catch up) I'm going to review the alphabet bar that we visited.

ABC Club is awesome for a number of reasons: 1) It's the perfect excuse to get together with all of your friends on a Thursday night. 2) It's a great way to explore the bars of Manhattan. Not only are we working our way through the alphabet but we're also visiting different neighborhoods in NYC. 3) It's a great opportunity to meet new people whether it's to network for work, make a love connection or just make a new friend! 4) It's just a fun time!

Last night was D Bar, we're already 4 letters in. D Bar was Donnybrook in the Lower East Side. Donnybrook is a relatively new bar with an upscale Irish pub interior. The set up is great for a large group because there are tables that line the wall and chairs that line the bar and a lot of empty space in the middle for people to congregate. Meghan the owner was very accomodating. I called before hand and she reserved two large tables for us, arranged happy hour to be extended from 7-10PM for ABC Club NYC members and then even showed up and introduced herself! The bartenders were very attentive and the music was perfect - a little bit of DMB, U2, music you want to hear when you're out.

All in all Donnybrook was a great find. Everyone that was there last night seemed to really love the bar and I would definitely return for a chill night in the LES. The one downfall I guess is that they do not serve food. In typical NYC fashion they do have take-out menus at the bar and you can order food to be delivered to the bar.

We had a great time there. I would definitely recommend it.

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Are you a member of ABC Club NYC or ABC Club Boston? If so, what's been your favorite bar so far?

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