Thursday, April 23, 2009

Entertainment Thursday: Castle

So I know that almost two months ago I blogged that I would not be adding any new shows to my Television watching list and that I was in fact trying to get rid of shows off my television watching list (narrowing it down to 5 hours a week or 1 show per day).....but I have made an exception.

I saw many commercials and promos for Castle on ABC and I was intrigued. The premise is that Richard Castle, a very famous mystery, suspense novelist, is writing a new series of books. He has been paired up with Detective Kate Beckett (the muse for his new main character) and he shadows her as she solves homicides in NYC. He's using the real life material to write his new novel the 1st in the series.

I think maybe I was intrigued because I LOVE mystery and suspense novels and the idea of a writer shadowing a homicide detective seemed interesting. I watched the first episode to give it a shot and I am officially hooked. Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle perfectly and his chemistry with Stana Katic is great, just the right amount to be believable. It's filled with mystery and suspense as you try to figure out who-done-it, but at the same time it is really funny. For a "cop" show it's pretty light, which I enjoy. Nathan Fillion makes me laugh every week!

The supporting cast is also entertaining and completely enjoyable. I really hope this is a show that sticks might bump one of the shows that I put in my Top 5 off the has definite potential.

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