Thursday, April 23, 2009

Entertainment Thursday: 17 Again, Movie Review

Two months ago my friend Shion and myself went to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic (a great chick flick!) and while there we saw a preview for 17 Again and agreed that when it came out we both wanted to see it. Last night we met up for Pinkberry at 6PM to catch up and chat and then walked over to the movies to catch 17 Again.

The premise of the movie is that Mike O'Donnell (Matthew Perry) is 37 and has forgotten all the reasons that he married his high school sweetheart Scarlett. He resents his life with her and their kids feeling like he passed up opportunities. They are in the middle of a divorce and he is questioning his life. He goes back to high school to reminisce about his great basketball days and a janitor asks him if he would "want to do it all over again". Without hesitating Mike says, "absolutely". On his way home he tries to save the janitor from falling/jumping off of a bridge and ends up falling off himself. When he arrives back at his friend Ned's house he realizes that he is his 17 year old self again (Zac Efron). As he re-enrolls in high school, he gets to REALLY know his kids and tries to help them out and be the father he feels he wasn't.

I have to say that Zac Efron really impressed me in this movie. He really carried the whole movie and was really funny. His friend Ned, stole the show many times, making for some of the movies funniest moments! All in all I would say this would be a great rental. It's perfect for that night you're really feeling like watching a "feel good" "chick flick", with just the right amount of humor, and love story wrapped up to one, that ends the way you want it to end!

I enjoyed it and would rate it a solid 3 stars!

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Have you seen 17 Again? Did you like it?


Ashley said...

We saw it yesterday! I'd really been looking forward to it, b/c the trailer made me laugh out loud every time. But I wasn't crazy about it - I felt like I needed more Matthew Perry backstory to really get into the Zac Efron stuff. But I did really like Efron (I just had to hold myself back from calling him "Zac") - and Leslie Mann. I think you're right, it'd be a great rental.

Do you watch Weeds? I didn't believe him at first, but Trevor pointed out that the bully Stan was Silas.

readerbean said...

Hey Ashley, it seems like we mostly agreed! I don't watch Weeds (it's in my neverending movie/tv rental queue with netflix. (is it just me or do you never feel liking your making progress in getting stuff off your queue?)