Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch-All Fridays: Running Challenge

Man oh man, lesson learned. Last week I was so excited to blog about the show Castle and I had just seen the movie 17 Again so I decided to just blog twice on Entertainment Thursday leaving me where this Thursday - nowhere - becuase I had no fun entertainment news to share, no new movie reviews, nothin'. Lesson learned, next time I'll just share one and save the other for later! I'm watching a movie tonight though so I'll definitely have a movie review for next Thursday.

Running Challenge

Ok, Ok I'll admit it I've totally let my stress fracture from almost two years ago and the fact that I say I don't like running in NYC ruin my running stride. So I'm setting a running challenge for myself to keep me motivated and to get back into the running shape I used to be in. So here it is:

There are 35 weeks left in the year and if I average 15 miles running per week then I will top 500 miles for the year (not including miles I've already logged).

I am going to sign up for at least 4 road races between now and the end of the year, starting possibly with the Mother's Day run at 8AM in Central Park next Sunday - 4 miles - totally doable although it may not be pretty! My friend Shi is running and I'm thinking I may join her as long as my mother doesn't have early morning plans for us all that day.

I will run in new places in NYC (ie: around the reservoir in Central Park, finally do the full 6+mile loop in CP, run North along the East River instead of always running south, run North along the West Side Highway, etc). I'm going to explore.

I'll post reviews of any new routes that I try and let you know what I think. Maybe just maybe by the time I leave this city for the suburbs I'll be converted to a runner who loves running in NYC (doubtful but I'm keeping an open mind).

Post in Comments:

How do you keep yourself motivated with your running?

PS - Shi, I might steal your idea of running on Roosevelt Island. I've always wanted to go over there but never had a reason to. Maybe running around RI will be one of my new routes!


liz w. said...

have you tried running the southern tip of manhattan? when i was training for the 1/2, i loved running on the east side heading south, then rounding the tip and back up the west side through battery park city.

also, if you're really motivated, the sign-up for the nike 1/2 in nyc opens up today at noon! better hurry fills up fast!

shi said...

As I was reading your post, I was thinking of suggesting Roosevelt Island and then I saw the PS. It's a great, flat route and great for warmer days cuz there's always a nice breeze. AND you can take the tram! (which accepts metrocards)

Also-don't concerts count as "entertainment"?

readerbean said...

thanks for the running routes guys - I'll check both of them out as I never run either!

shi, your right concerts do count as entertainment. I should have blogged about that...perhaps I still will. Although I feel like I've blogged about PMB like 3 times already on this blog.

Liz, I am debating putting my name in the lottery for the NY 1/2. I'll keep you posted!

Kate said...

ooo and you can come out to Hoboken to run on a Sat morning finally!! :)