Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Enchanted - 5 stars

I love Disney movies and Enchanted is no exception. My girlfriends and I went last week for a fun girls night out and it was such a pick me up! I was looking forward to seeing it, although wary that all the funny parts had already been given away in the previews, but I was not disappointed at all.

Enchanted, is about Giselle, a princess looking for her prince. When she meets Edward, they know that they are meant to share "true love's kiss". On their wedding day Edward's wicked stepmother shoves Giselle to none other than New York City. Stranded, without a friend or an understanding of the place she has landed she begins her search for Andalasia (her homeland). Patrick Dempsey's character befriends her, unexpetedly and thus the story unfolds. Edward, his steward, his mother and Giselle's chipmunk friend Pip come to NYC and try to find her, as Patrick Dempsey's character tries to make sure she gets by while she's here.

It is such a heart warming, laugh out loud, funny movie that will have you believing anything is possible when the credits start rolling! A movie I definitely hope to own once it comes out on DVD, you can't help but smile! There's not a little girl out there who won't love it! (*Warning: Excessive Cheesiness does take place during the movie, in true disney fashion, but c'mon people lighten up a little!)

Overall: Highly Recommended!

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Shion said...

AND, as a non-Patrick Dempsey fan, I would like to say that he is irresistable and Amy Adams and James Marsden have phenomenal voices. A MUST SEE!!!!