Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rockwood Music Hall

Last night I met up with my friend Jen for a fun night of music. One of my favorite things to do is go listen to new music and/or music I already know and love, but most importantly just being around music. When I lived in Boston, Jon and I would go see shows a lot - in Boston, Providence, Northhampton, you name it!

Jen brought me to one of her favorite venues, The Rockwood Music Hall and we had so much fun! It is this tiny, tiny little place. The decor is very elegant, classy, comfortable. We drank red wine and listened to music for 4 hours! It was such a fun night. I'm definitely going to go back.

The music was acoustic rock, country/folk, a little bit of everything. We went specifically to see Mieka Pauley, who hails from Cambridge. Jen had seen her before. She was great - she played a 30 minute set (time flies when you're having fun!) Then we stayed in the main room and watched Amy Speace. I really enjoyed her music as well, especially because she was a little country. At one point she was singing a new song and you could tell that it was something that she personally had gone through and she couldn't sing the last couple of lines because she started crying, and this man, who obviously is a big fan of hers, sang the words for her. It was so precious! When you see stuff like that, especially in New York City, it reminds you about how good people can be or are and that people do care about other people. I might have shed a tear - OK, I definitely did!

The music was good, the wine was delicious, and the conversation was great! I can't wait to go again...Thank you Jen for introducing me to such a cool place!

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