Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Travels: Summer Streets

This past Saturday Jon went to get his haircut and came back and suggested that for our run we take advantage of Summer Streets. Summer Streets is a program run by the city that on Saturday, August 8th, Saturday, August 15th and Saturday, August 22nd Park Avenue was closed from Central Park all the way down until the Brooklyn Bridge!

I have to say that it was the weirdest feeling just running in the middle of Park Avenue. It was awesome though we just did a 3 mile loop - 1.5 miles downtown and then back up the other side of Park Avenue. All along the road as we were running there were bike rental places (although I'm pretty sure they were free rentals), there were mini-tennis courts for kids to begin to learn to tennis, different vendors providing information about their services, and plenty of traffic cops and crossing guards as there are a couple of busy intersections where they were letting the traffic cross Park Avenue when they had the light. The entire 1.5 miles down though we were only stopped 3 times (which in NYC is amazing!) For a full list of activities, click here!

This is definitely a great program. People were biking, running, you could tell that there were marathoners out on a long training run, group runs and families taking a stroll. It was so great to be outside in NYC in a different area (ie: not Central Park or the West Side Highway for a change) and be surrounded by other New Yorkers enjoying a beautiful day in the city by being active!

If you live in NYC and don't have plans this Saturday maybe you should rent bikes on Saturday and ride from Central Park down to the Brooklyn Bridge. I know if we were in town this weekend that's what we would be doing.

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What is your favorite outdoor space in NYC?

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shi said...

oh my gosh! so fun! i had no idea this was going on.