Thursday, August 13, 2009

Entertainment Thursday: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

When this movie first came out I heard such mixed reviews that Jon and I both agreed we'd rather rent the movie and watch it at home then see it in the theater. There were just too many good movies out at the time.

Well, many months later, we were finally in the mood to give it a go. Our expectations were really low going into the movie and we were kind of stunned to find that we enjoyed it - it was kind of a sweet little movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the story of who else but Benjamin Button. He's born an old man and ages backwards - essentially as he grows older he looks younger. He is raised by the woman who found him, her acceptance and love of Benjamin regardless of his strangeness is beautiful. His mom runs a nursing home and he befriends a young girl, Daisy and maintains their friendship through his life. There is a love story there as well but I don't want to give away any part of the movie.

The beginning is just strange. We watched this movie in two parts. The first 60 minutes and then the rest of the movie. I wasn't liking it when we stopped the first night, it was weird, and it just wasn't flowing right for me (truthfully I fell asleep - but that's not hard for me to do when it's past 10PM and I'm laying on our couch!) The 2nd night we started it up out of pure obligation to finish the movie. The 2nd half of the movie was much better, much stronger, and the longer we were watching the more that I liked the movie. When it ended we both agreed we had liked it more than we thought we would. It was just a sweet story of love, acceptance of other people and who they are, friendship, family and what you make of your life. All themes that I generally enjoy.

This is not a movie that I would heartily recommend. If you're curious see it, but go in with low expectations, and maybe you too will be surprised.

4 stars

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Have you seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Did you like it?

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Christine said...

I totally agree! I had heard the mixed reviews and was curious (no pun intended) but didn't think it would worth paying $12 for. I saw this on a flight and also thought it had a slow start, but overall would sum it up as a kind of weird, but nice little story (that I'm still glad I didn't pay for).