Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Foodie Wednesday: Kale Chips

One of my favorite food blogs is She makes some weird ingredient combinations (well weird to my picky mind) but it all looks sooo good! I swear one day I will become a more adventorous eater. One of my forays in trying a new food was to try Kath's Kale Chips. I know what you're thinking - Kale is a vegetable how can it be a chip? Well, I wondered the same thing and after blogger after blogger in the food blogging world raved and raved about how these Kale Chips tasted just like potato chips I decided I should give them a go. I mean if vegetables can taste like potato chips then I'm in!

Jon was up for the adventure. So I made a fish dish, rosemary roasted potatoes and Kale Chips. To make Kale Chips:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Tear the leaves off of the thick stems into bite size pieces and spread out on a baking sheet. Drizzle with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Sprinkle with kosher salt (I was a little too generous with the salt) and parmesan cheese. Bake for 15 minutes until the Kale is crispy and brown on the edges.

When it came out of the oven I thought it looked weird and I thought there was no way they were going to taste like potatoe chips but sure enough they did! It was amazing - I couldn't believe how good they were - weird but delicious! I will certainly be making these again.

My friend Shi also tried the Kale Chips about a week before I did. Click here to read her blog review of them - she liked them too!

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