Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Regional Theater

Sunday afternoon I joined my mother, grandmother and my aunt for lunch in Millburn, NJ home of The Papermill Playhouse. The three of them have a subscription and have been getting together for lunch followed by a show for years. Now that I'm in the area I've been inducted into the group - although I do not have a season subscription as of yet. This year they discovered that since they are season subscribers they each get two $20 tickets to any of the 6 shows.

A couple of months ago I joined them for such a day and we saw Kiss Me Kate. This Sunday we saw Little Shop of Horrors, one of my personal faves! I mean who doesn't love this play about a man-eating plant (OK, well my mom didn't love it!) The show was great and the theater was filled with kids. I'm so glad that I was able to accompany the ladies in my family for a fun Sunday afternoon outing.

Next year's season is shaping up to be a good one and personally I am hoping that I'll be able to see Oklahoma and 1776 (one of my absolute faves!!!)

Broadway is fantastic and I have found that there is something about living near or in NYC that makes you go see shows. I've seen more shows in the past 17 months then I ever saw in the 6 years I lived in Boston. It's reminded me how much I enjoy live theater. There is nothing like sitting in the audience, the curtain goes up, and the cast begins to belt out the first song - without fail it always gives me the chills!

While Broadway is fantastic it is also incredibly expensive with orchestra seats now going for $110 a show. Not something most families can afford to do! So if you want to see a show but don't necessarily want to shell out that much money remember that this country is full of terrific regional theaters! The PaperMill Playhouse is just one, but when I lived up in Boston, I saw Tommy at The Stoneham Theatre and it was great! We also went and saw Evita at The Providence Performing Arts Center and it was fantastic and the theatre is beautiful.

This summer I'll be visiting two regional theatres a little off the beaten path for most people when I go see Urinetown at Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City. I am finally going to see a show at the theatre my college roomie is the Marketing Director at and I couldn't be more excited. The next day we're planning on going to see Les Miserable (which I've already seen, um...6 times, twice in London, once in Boston and three time in NYC) at a regional theatre in Kansas.

There are still affordable ways to see great plays so don't forget to check out your regional theatres, you'll be pleasantly surprised!!!

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