Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Bookwors: The Novice

The Novice, Trudi Canavan

Back in January of 2008 I read the first book in this trilogy, The Magician's Guild, and really enjoyed it. I was looking for something light and unchallenging to read and so I decided to pick up the 2nd book in this trilogy, The Novice.

In the Novice, Sonea (the magician we met in the first book who was unaware of her magical abilities) joins the Magician's Guild and begins classes as a Novice. It is immediately clear that none of the kids like her or want anything to do with her because she is from the slums. Even having a magician guardian, Rothen, does not seem to help her status.

There is one novice in particular who makes life difficult for Sonea, Regin. As the book progresses he plays many pranks on her and she struggles with what is the proper course to defend herself. Then the High Lord takes an interest in her and the trajectory of her year changes.

On the side, her guardian's friend, Dannyl, has become an ambassador for the guild and while gone he begins to uncover some of the High Lord's secrets. What exactly will he uncover?

Overall, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first. I don't know if it was because of the timing of when I read it, (being swamped at work with a big event coming up), that I just couldn't get into it. Or, perhaps it had to do with Regin picking on Sonea and that just irritating me after awhile. His character kind of ruined my reading experience. (Remember that teacher in HP 5, ugh, she almost ruined my reading experience of that book, I just hated her so it became painful to continue to read the segments she was in!)

It was still a good read and I look forward to reading the 3rd book in the trilogy and learning exactly what the High Lord is up to!

3 Stars

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jfern said...

The 2nd book was the weakest of the 3. I saw it almost as a set up for the 3rd which is much more interesting.

Kate said...

I can't wait to read these!!!