Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entertainment Thursdays: Twilight Movie Review

I know, I know, this blog has been very "Twilight Centric" but hey that's what happens when I'm blogging about things I do, read, see, etc and this dominated my life for a good 10-14 days so fortunately or unfortunately for you (depending on if you are a fan) you get to hear about it!

When we were out to dinner at Penelope's Cafe my friend Christina and I were talking about Twilight and we agreed that we needed to watch the movie together! I rented it from Netflix and we picked a date to get together.

I picked up wine because let's face it when watching cheezy movies they're always better accompanied by some cocktails! We were probably a little too excited given all the bad reviews we had heard about the movie.

I'm not going to get into what it's about because I've already reviewed the first book. Let's just say the movie was JUST OK and I think we both felt that way, well maybe I liked it a little more than Christina. The first half of the movie was just incredibly awkward and intense and it made me a little uncomfortable (and glad I wasn't still in high school!) The second half of the movie had some redeeming qualities. The story picked up which alleviated all the awkward and intense staring and I forgot about Edward & Bella's weirdness and got into what was going on on the screen. I enjoyed the second half of the movie much more.

Overall, I enjoyed it, I would not say it was a great movie by any stretch of the imagination but I was glad I saw it being a Twilight fan and all. I do think that the New Moon preview looks better than the first movie - everyone seems a little more natural - well everyone but Bella. So I will admit that even though the 1st movie was sub-par I'm totally going to see New Moon (and probably in the theatres if I can convince anyone to come with me!!!)

3 stars (Well OK it should probably be 2 1/2 stars)

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Have you seen the Twilight movie? Did you like it?

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Kate said...

So I finally have the books, I will be reading them starting this weekend!!! But I am only bringing two with me to Seattle, so let's see if I can keep from buying the last two while I am out there!!!