Thursday, June 26, 2008

Golf Tournament...done...check

So part of the reason I haven't been as busy on the blog is because my new job actually requires me to do work...I know, I know...can you believe it? Last Monday, we had our biggest fundraising event of the year - our Annual Golf Invitational. It raises over $1.8 million for the Foundation that I work for. We get about 300 golfers and 300 dinner guests - all in all it's a great day and a great event.

I have to say though as the only Special Events person on a staff of 4 people total I forgot how exhausting it can be when you don't have people to help you do all the stuff that needs to get done! I haven't been so physically & mentally exhausted in a long while. It really affected how I spent my days...I haven't been reading as much (*gasp*)...I haven't been exercising as much...I haven't been doing a lot of things as much, except watching TV because that's all my little brain could handle.

The event was on the 16th and it was a huge success. The weather held off until dinner and while it did get a little crazy during dinner (picture NYC's wealthiest under a tent, with the lights going out, the ground flooding and the tent shaking...yeah, I was a little concerned) we moved everything indoors and it all went off well!

So now I'm trying to reclaim my life back...get back to my crazy reading schedule....get back out pounding the pavement...get back out blogging in cyberspace....just get back out there! I mean it's summer for goodness sake!

And I need to figure out a way to not let it affect me so much moving forward, because we have 6 events coming up this fall...and to be honest I didn't like losing myself over the past couple of months (especially to work)! Once I come up with a plan...I'll share it with all you hardworking peeps out there:)

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