Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Bookworms: Blog Reading

Well, it's Monday and you are expecting me to blog about a book that I recently read, and while I have recently read a book, I'm not ready to blog about it! That is because it is our most recent book group book and we do not meet until this Wednesday, July 8th and I want to wait to see what our discussion adds to my experience of the books.

So with no book to discuss I thought I would talk about another "reading related" topics. Reading is more than reading books and one thing that a lot of people are reading now are blogs!!! So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite blogs with the hopes that you might share with me your favorite blogs.

Our Grand Tour of Europe - I found this blog when I was working in a dead-end job with literally nothing to do day in and day out (don't worry I've since left said job). I love to travel and I somehow stumbled upon this website It is a great resource of travel related information - where to stay, where to eat, what tours to take, where to hike, what cities to visit, etc. They have a community forum where you can search for related information or post your own question and they have numerous members who are bloggers.

The "Our Grand Tour of Europe" Blog is the blog of a woman Kathy Woods. Her, her husband and their daughter took off for 14 months in Europe. They would spend a week in each location and then they spent 6 months of the time in Provence so that their daughter could go to school. I loved reading this blog, and still go back sometimes to re-read parts of it, because who wouldn't want to pack up their life and head out on a European Adventure such as this. The blog is chock-full of usefull information on numerous European regions! If you love to travel, or wish you traveled more than you do, this is a blog you would certainly enjoy. They took this trip 5 years ago and have since turned their passion for travel into a job -

Mile Markers - I feel like I may have already blogged about this, but I love this blog! Kristin Armstrong (ex-wife of Lance Armstrong) blogs weekly about running related & family related themes. As much as I am a runner and can appreciate the running anecdotes she uses, I read this more for her writing style. I love the way she writes and find that her blog entries always center me and put things in perspective a little bit. It's nice to get those weekly reminders of what's really important in life! Sometimes in the fast paced NYC it's easy to get caught up in the little things and forget the big picture.

My Malleable Reality - This blog is written by my friend Shion (who has been mentioned many times on this blog). She writes about a variety of topics, fun things she's done in NYC, movie reviews, recipes, product reviews, or just her thought of the day. I always love reading friend's blogs because it gives you a new perspective on their thoughts (and really she has the best recipes!!! She's a great cook!)

Rockin' to the Gentle Beat - This blog is also written by a friend of mine, Ashley. I knew Ashley when I lived up in Boston, we were in Book Group together. Ashley also writes about a variety of topics: entertainment reviews (movies, tv shows & music reviews primarily), her many travels, her upcoming move, and much much more! I love Ashley's entertainment reviews and reading her blog is a fun way to still feel connected to someone that you no longer live near.

KERF - I found this blog through another blog and totally love it. It's a food blog primarily but the way Kath writes you end up feeling like you know her as well. I am always looking for new recipes and while I'm not quite as adventurous as Kath I do like reading her blog! It has tons of tips on how to eat healthy & make time for exercise. I recently tried her Kale Chips recipe, which I will blog about soon!

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What is your favorite(s) blog that you read?

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shi said...

Thanks for the mention, Beth! I'm now a faithful reader of Kath Eats and Mile Markers. You're like my blog-dealer!

I'll have to check out the other two!