Sunday, September 21, 2008

NYRR Continental 1 Mile Race

Hello Hello! Here I am blogging about another great New York Road Runners Running Event.

I went onto to peruse one of my favorite blogs to read (Mile Markers, by Kristin Armstrong - she just has this ability to write things just as you imagine them but maybe can't find the words to describe! I love her blog!)

While I'm on there I see this big highlight for the NYRR Continental 1 Mile Road Race Sunday, September 21st. The race takes place in Manhattan and runs down Fifth Avenue from 80th Street to 60th Street.
I of course immediately forward the information on to my sister and ask her if her and Josh want to meet up with me to watch this race that will last less than 5 minutes (and in the men's case, less than 4 minutes - amazing!) They of course are on board!

We met up at 61st Street and no joke were able to get a good spot only 1 block from the finish. It was great because the announcer announced everyone that was participating in the race before the race began. There were only about 10 runners in both the women's and the men's mile race. Then he gave the play by play as they were heading towards the finish and then we got to see the finish. It was soooo cool!

Both races were incredibly close. Shannon Rowbury, an American who participated in the 1 mile in Beijin representing the USA, was neck and neck with Lisa Dobriskey of Great Britian. Unfortunately, Dobriskey edged her out in the finish. It was exciting to watch. Then the woman did a "victory lap" right past us (see picture above - Rowbury is carrying the American Flag.) Other American women running were: Erin Donohue (she also ran the 1 mile in Beijing) and Sara Hall.

We waited about 30 minutes for the men's race to start - jam packed with Olympians! Bernard Lagat, Nick Symmonds (of 800 Meter Oregonian Olympic Trials Fame), and Chris Solinksy just to name a few. Bernard Lagat and New Zealand's Nick Willis were neck and neck heading to the finish and somehow Willis out ran Lagat by one-one hundreth of a second - dang! Bernard was so gracious though - he ran down Fifth Avenue hugging the fans afterwards - it was so amazing to see. In the picture above see if you can spy Kate trying to slap five with Bernard "Bernie" Lagat!

Then as we were getting ready to part and watch some Sunday Football (boo-yah!) Who is right in front of us by Nick Symmonds - eek! Kate and mine's favorite race of the Olympic Trials was the 800 Meter (if you haven't seen it - you really should - click here). We got to meet him, congratulate him on his race, compliment him on the Olympic Trials 800M and he was gracious enough to take a picture with us (see above!)

All in all a pretty cool running day in NYC!!!

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Kate said...

Heck yeah! It was totally awesome!!!